Thursday, July 1, 2010

William Hughan's Army Record

Above is William Hughan's army service record as supplied by The National Archives, U.K. It shows that he served with the 19th Regiment of Foot (the Green Howards) from April 3, 1796 until May 24, 1811 (a period of 14 years and 356 days), although a note in pencil on the bottom of the page states " claims service from February 7, 1793". William transferred from the 19th Foot to the 12th Veterans and served with them from 1811 to 1814, a period of 3 years 91 days.

Timeline of Service by the 19th Regiment of Foot (the Green Gordons)
1793 Flanders
1793 England
1794 Flanders
1795 England
1795.08 France: Brittany
1795.08 England
1796 India: Madras
1799 Mysore war
1800? Ceylon
1803 Kandian war
1803 Ceylon
1809.01 Travancore rebellion
1809.02 India
1810.12 Mauritius (4 coys)
1811? Ceylon?

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