Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hughan/Heuchan Covenanters

Above: Late 1700s maps of the area of Kirkmabreck Parish which was home to my Hughans. The top map shows the location of Blairs, Spittal, Balhasie and Ferry Town of Cree (which became 'Creetown'). The lower map is from slightly down the coast, and shows the settlement of Kirkmabreck itself, and also Kirkbride where my Hughan line lived at one stage.

From the "Scottish Covenanters Index" comes the following list of Heuchans:

Agnes in Kirkdale
Alexander in Bardrokott
Alexander in Spittal
Gilbert in Balgredane
Isabel in Little Galtway
Janet in Little Stockarton
Janet in Little Stockarton
Jean in Ferrie
John in Brockloch
John in Blairs
John in Blairs
Margaret in Brockloch
Margaret in Little Stockarton
Marion in Blairs
Patrick in Balhasie
Rachel in Ferrie
Walter in Blairs
William in Ferrie
William in Logane
William in Logane

In the list of Minnigaff Covenanters, we also find:
Patrick Heuchane in Bargallie
Jon and Thomas Heuchanes
John Heuchane
Thomas Heuchane
Alexander Heuchanes in Bardrochwood
Alexander Heuchane in Reddock.

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