Monday, May 24, 2010

Kirkmabreck Parish registers.

The 'New Statistical Account of Scotland, 1845' sets out in detail the failings of the Kirkmabreck parish record-keepers:

" There are three Volumes of Registers. The first volume embraces the time that elapsed between 1703 to 1792. From 1703 to 1739, they have been kept with great regularity. From 1740 to 1756 there are no entries whatever. From 1756 to 1792 they have been kept imperfectly. Some of the intermediate years have no entry, others only one, but towards the middle, and onwards to the end of the above period, they were kept with great regularity.
Volume 2: commenced May 1823 and carried on with great regularity until May 1834.
Vol. 3 begind June 1834 and continues to the present date."

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