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Alexander Heughan and Nicholas Chesney

I as yet know very little about this couple beyond the information given on two headstones in the Balmaghie Kirkyard:

"Grave number 295: Alex Heughan in Five Shilling Land, wife Nicholas Chesney died August 11, 1784, aged 57; daughter Helen. Marion Heughan died February 1792 (aged 29 or 39). Alex Heughan died August 20, 1802, aged 80; son Adam died Gateside 26 February 1822; son Alex died infancy.
Other side: Mary Hughan died Edinburgh January 1790, aged 35. Helen Hughan died Dumfries February 1798, aged 30. Agnes Heughan died Laurieston October 10, 1819, aged 60.
296: Adam Heughan died Gateside February 22, 1822, aged 60; first son Alex died September 22, 1790, aged 6 weeks; youngest son Alex died Edinburgh when attending the University March 18, 1829, aged 21 interred here; wife Maxwell Smith died December 31, 1839, aged 72; daughter Nicholas died Gateside July 3, 1857, aged 64; son William died Gateside June 12, 1889, aged 85; daughter Elizabeth died Gateside March 20, 1894, aged 91."

Breaking this information down into more easily digestible components....

ALEXANDER HEUGHAN: born c. 1722. Married Nicholas Chesney (c. 1727-1784). Alexander died August 20, 1802.Children that have been located are as follows:

HELEN HEUGHAN: born c. 1768. Died 1798, Dumfries.
ADAM HEUGHAN: born c. 1762. Farmer of Gateside. Married Maxwell Smith (c. 1767-1839). Died February 22, 1822.
MARY HEUGHAN: born c. 1755. Died in Edinburgh, 1790.
AGNES HEUGHAN: born c. 1759. Died October 10, 1819, Lauriestown.

Adan Heughan, son of Alexander and Nicholas, had with his wife Maxwell at least six children:
ALEXANDER HEUGHAN: Born and died 1790, aged 6 weeks.

MARGARET HEUGHAN: born c. 1798. Married miller and farmer Charles Carson (b c. 1779; died May 13, 1849.) Margaret Heughan Carson died May 20, 1832, aged 34, leaving sons William ( born December 7, 1825)aged 6;and Alexander Carson almost 4 years(he was born May 2, 1828),and two daughters- Louisa aged 8(she was born April 28, 1824) and baby daughter Margaret. Margaret was taken into the household of her spinster maternal aunts, Nicholas and Elizabeth Heughan, who lived on a farm at Balmaghie with their bachelor brother, William Heughan. When Charles Carson died in 1849, his son Alexander also went to live on the Heughan farm. Their sister Louisa Carson in 1851 was a housekeeper at Barstobrick, Tongland, to their elder brother, farmer William Carson. Throughout the census returns for 1851, 1861 and 1871, the Carson siblings Alexander and Margaret remained at Gateside with their Uncle William and Aunt Elizabeth, Nicholas Heughan having passed away in 1857. The 1881 census reveals that William Heughan is a retired farmer living at Gateside, still residing with his sister Elizabeth and niece Margaret Carson, neither of whom married. There is no sign of Alexander Carson in the 1881 census, even though his death date has been given as December 17, 1893.
Margaret Carson died on October 30, 1894, at Culcrae, Tongland.

ALEXANDER HEUGHAN: baptised July 28, 1807, Balmaghie. Died March 18, 1829, aged 21 years, whilst attending Edinburgh University.

NICHOLAS HEUGHAN: born c. 1793. Died July 3, 1857, Gateside.Spinster who lived her life on her brother's Gateside farm with her sister Elizabeth, nephew Alexander Carson and nieces Margaret Carson, Margaret Campbell and Jane Campbell.

WILLIAM HEUGHAN: born c. 1804. Died June 12, 1889. Gateside.Successful farmer at gatehouse in Balmaghie parish. Never married.

ELIZABETH HEUGHAN: born c. 1803. Died March 20, 1894, Gateside.Lived with her siblings William and Nicholas all of her life. In her last census, 1891, Elizabeth was living by her own private means in Gateside, aged 88. With her was 60 year old niece, Margaret Carson, and "great-niece", 38 year old Margaret Campbell.

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