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Alexander Hughan and Janet Pagan/Peggan

Yes...yet another Alexander Hughan who was floating around Kirkmabreck in the late18th to mid-19th Centuries!
There are no concrete details to suggest just when and where this Alexander Hughan was born...because his first child seems to have been born in c.1802, he most likely would have been born prior to 1784. He was deceased prior to the 1841 census, so we are unable to obtain an approximate year of birth using that source. His wife, Janet Pagan Hughan, died in 1858 aged 83, so she was born c. 1775, and I am putting Alexander's year of birth as circa the same year.
There is a burial in the Kirkmabreck Parish Register for an Alexander Hughan who was buried in Kirkmabreck on May 25, 1840, aged 75 years. This Alexander was born c. 1765, and again there is no way of knowing which Alexander Hughan this one was.

There were, in fact, two Alexander Hughans of Creetown having children born and baptised at exactly the same time period in the early 1800s...we have the family of Alexander Hughan and Janet Pagan, and the family of Alexander Hughan and Jean Livingstone/e.
Not all of the former couple's children have been located in the Kirkmabreck Parish registers, so details on their births have been obtained largely from their death certificates where possible.
For example, the eldest child I can find belonging to Alexander Hughan and Janet Pagan seems to be Helen Hughan, who was born c.1802, according to census returns and her death certificate.I am sure other children are missing, because the next evidence of a sibling of Helen being born was James McCulloch Hughan who was baptised in 1814...a gap of twelve years without a child being born is just not feasible! Those children belonging to Alexander and Janet who I have located are as follows:

HELEN HUGHAN: born c. 1802, Kirkmabreck. Married William Dugan, an Irish-born granite quarry labourer, on January 27, 1822, at Kirkmabreck. Their children were John b c. 1822; Mary b c. 1825; Helen born c. 1827; Margaret born c. 1832; Peter born c. 1836 and Thomas born c. 1839.
The family lived in Creetown- in 1841 they were at Moneypool Street; in 1851 36 St. Johns Street, Creetown, and in 1861 they lived in The Hollow, Creetown.
Helen Hughan Dugan died on December 31, 1862, at The Hollow, Creetown, aged 60 years.She had been suffering with paralysis for three years prior to her death, and debility for four weeks.Her parents were noted as being Alexander Hughan, ag lab, deceased, and Janet Pagan, deceased.

The IGI has an entry for a ROBERT MILLIGAN HUGHAN being baptised at Kirkmabreck on November 20, 1814, the son of Alexander Hughan and Jannet Peggan. I have seen a copy of the actual page of the Kirkmabreck Baptismal Register for this date, and there is no sign of a Robert Milligan Hughan.There is, however, the following child baptised on that date:

JAMES McCULLOCH HUGHAN: baptised November 20, 1814, the son of Alexander Hughan and Jannot Peggan.The confusion seems to have stemmed from an entry found on the same page three weeks earlier for "James Henry and Jean Hughan a son, Robert Milligan".

MARY ANN HUGHAN: Baptised on March 12, 1816, at Kirkmabreck, a daughter born to Alexander Hughan and Janet Pagan of Creetown.

CATRINE IRVINE HUGHAN: baptised July 28, 1818, a daughter born to Alexander Hughan and Jannet Pagan in Creetown.

STEWART HUGHAN: born c. 1825, Kirkmabreck, according to various census returns. Married Eliza/Elizabeth Campbell on February 22, 1846 at Kirkmabreck. In 1841 he had been working as a farm servant on a local farm. In 1851, Stewart and his wife Elizabeth and three children were living at 6 Mill Street, Creetown:
Stewart Hughan/ head/ 26/ labourer/ born Kirkmabreck
Elizabeth Hughan/ wife/ 23/ born Ireland.
Mary Hughan/ daughter/ 4/ at home/ born Kirkmabreck
James Hughan/ son/ 2/ at home/ born Kirkmabreck
Stewart Hughan/ son/ 5 months/ at home/ born Kirkmabreck.
Ten years later in the 1861 census, Elizabeth and her ever-increasing family were still living at Creetown, but Stewart had to move away for work, and was lodging at Harthill Village in Lanarkshire, where he was working as a railway labourer. His family now consisted of 14 year old Mary; James 11; Stewart 9; Marion 7; Jane 4; Thomas 3 and Elizabeth under 1 year. Another child, Margaret Hughan, was born in c. 1864.
In 1871, Stewart and Elizabeth and four of their children who still lived at home had moved to Colinton, Midlothian, where they were living in 'Red hall Quarry Cottages'. Stewart, aged 46, was working as a quarry labourer. Two of his daughters, 16 year old Marion and 14 year old Jane were contributing to the family income by working as laundry maids. Also at home were 11 year old Thomas and Margaret, aged 7.

Stewart Hughan passed away on February 2, 1873, aged 46 years.(NOTE: His death is indexed as 'HEUGHAN' as it is recorded as such on his death certificate).He died of stomach cancer in an infirmary in Edinburgh, but it was noted that his usual residence was Red Hall Cottages, Slateford. His parents were noted as being Alexander Heughan, labourer, deceased, and Janet Pagan, dec., and his occupation as 'joiner'.

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