Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kirkmabreck Burials

Probably the best and most logical place to start this blog is at the beautiful and isolated Kirkmabreck kirk yard, where Hughan remains have been lying for centuries.
There are two Hughan graves as transcribed in the Kirkmabreck memorial Inscriptions booklet:
82: Burial place of Thomas Hughan, merchant of Ferrytown of Cree, died February 13, 1750, aged 55. Wife Elizabeth McCulloch died July 24, 1761, aged 62. They lived esteemed and died regretted. Also interred here Elizabeth Goldie, William & Mary McCulloch Hughan children to Alexander Hughan and Mary Gerrant. 1769.
Alexander Hughan died June 2, 1771 (36), he will be remembered as a worthy example of conjugal and paternal affection, integrity and public spirit, friendship and beneficence. Also interred here his widow Mrs M Hughan died may 30, 1810, aged 69...respected, her virtues are recorded in the grateful hearts of her surviving son and daughter, Thomas and Jane Hughan.

91. Burying place of Alex Hughan, late in Burns, died January 28, 1733, aged 63, wife Margaret Duniston died April 2, 1757, aged 75. Children Samuel, Peter, Alex, Helen, Agnes and Jean. Erected by Andrew Hughan in Creetown, died January 20, 1809, aged 83, wife Elizabeth Moat died April 26, 1789, aged 51.

This second grave really grabbed my attention, as my Robert Alexander Hughan had stated that he had been born at Burns, or Burns Park, Creetown, Kirkcudbright.
I set about gathering as much information as I could about the two families buried at Kirkmabreck, although due to the incomplete state of the Kirkmabreck Old Parish Records, crucial links could not be made between the two families. I can make educated guesses, and see the most probable relationships, but because of the lack of concrete proof, it will all have to remain pure speculation for the moment.
First cab off the rank will be the family of Hughan Grave number 1...Thomas Hughan, merchant, of Ferry Town of Cree. It is from this man and his wife that Janetta Hughan, Duchess of Rutland, was descended. I think I'll begin a new entry to deal with this Hughan branch of the tree...

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