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Duncan Davidson Milligan was the seventh child and fourth son born to Robert Milligan and Jean Dunbar. He was born in London in 1793, and baptised at St. Andrews, Holborn, on July 19, 1793.
Not much is known about Duncan Milligan at this stage. He was a West Indian merchant, his company being '"Milligan Robertson & Co", centred in Fenchurch St, London. His business partners were Colin Robertson and his cousin Robert Milligan Dalzell, and after running into financial problems they were declared bankrupt in 1828.
Duncan never married, but his will of 1843 provides the interesting information that he had an illegitimate daughter by the name of Marie Louise Milligan.
Duncan's will, made on January 11, 1843, stated that he was now residing at Devonshire Place, Brighton. He gave instruction that all of his furniture, books, plate,linen,goods and chattels at Brighton and elsewhere be sold and the proceeds invested, and that his executor and executrix, friend David Lyon and sister Mary Milligan, "use such part of the principal thereof as they shall think fit for the maintenance and education of my reputed daughter MARIA LOUISE MILLIGAN until she shall have attained the age of 21 when the residue, if any, shall be paid to her."
If his daughter was to die, the same bequest passed to his "dear niece SOPHIA ELIZABETH MILLIGAN, daughter of my brother Robert Milligan."
I could not find any information whatsoever about Maria Louise Milligan,but assuming that she was alive in the 1841 census I looked for a 'Mary Milligan'.
I found a four year old Mary Milligan, born in Foreign parts, living with Wilhelmina Teich,35, independent, also born in Foreign parts. The biggest attention grabber with this entry was the fact that they lived in Devonshire Place, Brighton!!
Duncan Davidson Milligan is not to be found anywhere in the 1841 census, but for a female child with the name 'Milligan' and no parents living with her by the name 'Milligan', living in Duncan Milligan's Street....a bit too much to attribute to mere coincidence, one thinks!
I cannot find any more references to 'Wilhelmina' or 'Walhelmina' (as it looks on the 1841 census sheet) Teich...I wonder if she was the child's mother or someone put in place to look after her? Wilhelmina's occupation was 'independant' rather than 'governess' or similar- I'd like to look further into the distinct possibility that she was mistress of Duncan Davidson Milligan and mother of their child 'Marie Louise'- or Mary- Milligan.
Duncan Milligan died in Brighton in 1845.

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