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The will of Alexander Hughan, 1809.

Alexander Hughan was the younger of two surviving sons born at Kirkmabreck to Alexander Hughan and Margaret Gerran.No much at all is known about his life- it is believed that he remained a bachelor, and lived in London pursuing like business interests to his brother Thomas.At the time of his death he was living in Billitor Square, London, with Thomas.
Alexander was only in forties when he fell ill enough to warrant making his last will and testament. He wrote it on November 23, 1809, and it was proved the following year on May 10, 1810, just prior to the death of Margaret Gerran Hughan.
Alexander's will is quite brief, and he only makes a few bequests:
He leaves £25 pounds to each of his executors, namely David Murray of the Island of Jamaica, William Gordon, Alexander Gordon Solicitor of Broad Street, London, and Thomas Hughan of Billitor Square.
His shares in the Imperial Office Insurance Company and interest in the shipping firm Taylor, Hughan & Co he directed to be invested and the annual interest to be shared equally between his mother Margaret and sister Jane.When Margaret died, Jane was to have the whole interest, and if his mother was to outlive his sister the whole interest was to go to her.
At his mother's death, Alexander bequeathed £1000 to "each of my brother's natural children", Jane and Margaret Hughan, and £500 each to "my Relations Elizabeth, Magdalen and Jane Stirling jointly or to such of them as may be living at the time."
The remainder of Alexander's property was left as follows: "The remainder of my property I leave to my brother subject to a donation of £5 annually to the poor of my native parish Kirkmabreck to be paid by him and his heirs, the same to be distributed by the Minister and Elders for the time being of the same parish."

The years 1810 and 1811 were tumultuous for this Hughan family...Margaret Gerran Hughan died in May of 1810 and her son Alexander died just months before her. Daughter Jane married James Dalzell in 1811, and her brother Thomas married Jean Milligan early in the same year. By October of 1811 Thomas Hughan was also dead, and his son and heir was born two days later.
I will deal with Jane Hughan Dalzell first, and then we come to the wonderfully interesting Thomas Hughan.

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